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How Much Does AC Unit Maintenance Cost?

Like other appliances, your AC requires periodic maintenance to function optimally and prevent a breakdown. But how much does AC unit maintenance cost? Your air conditioning system (AC) becomes your best friend when summer temperatures rise high, and some relief is needed. Therefore, it’s essential to have it in top shape. This guide takes a closer look at the cost of annual AC maintenance, looking at what factors affect the price and giving advice on how to save money while keeping cool.

What Is Annual AC Unit Maintenance Cost?

AC companies often offer Yearly AC maintenance cost contracts that can bring down your regular AC unit maintenance cost. These contracts usually cover several service visits per year for a fixed amount of money. 

For instance, twice-a-year AC unit maintenance cost contracts range between $150 and $350 per year. On the other hand, an AC annual maintenance cost contract with four visits per year could range from $250 to $500.

Scheduling these tune-ups individually can be more expensive. Indeed, one may spend up to $1000 on four individual sessions. Therefore, it’s wise to consult with your AC company about their maintenance contract prices.

How Much Does AC Unit Maintenance Cost?

There are several ways to approach the AC unit maintenance cost:

  • One-Time Tune-Up: This standard service entails having a technician conduct a visual check and cleaning of the AC unit. This option is the most popular and it costs from $75 to $250 usually.
  • AC Maintenance Plan: If you are looking for a more detailed and cost-effective solution, then an AC unit maintenance cost plan is best. These plans usually have at least two cleaning or tune-up visits per year. An AC maintenance plan cost tends to be between $150 to $500 per year.

Nonetheless, the average AC unit maintenance cost varies depending on other aspects. So, what are these factors? Let’s find out!

AC Unit Maintenance Cost

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AC Tune-Up Cost Factors

Here’s the inside scoop on what can impact the price of your AC tune-up:

Your AC’s age: 

The age of your system is directly related to how much work it may need during a tune-up. Also, the spare parts for older models may not be easily available, which can increase the AC unit maintenance cost.

How you’ve been treating your AC: 

Regular check-ups are key! If you are not regular in changing the filter and stuff, tiny issues can magnify and become costly ones. Thus, regular maintenance is relatively cheaper to avoid future expensive repairs.

The state of your ductwork: 

If your ducts are rusty, broken, or poorly designed, you will need more than just an AC tune-up, and this will drive the total AC unit maintenance cost up. The layout of your ducts also matters. If they’re spread out or tough to get to, the technician will take longer to inspect, bumping up the price.

Accessibility of your AC unit: 

Many AC units are installed in rather cramped spaces and a technician may need more time and sometimes tools to access all the parts. This contributes to the overall AC unit maintenance cost.

Surprise repairs: 

At times, the technician may diagnose another issue that requires repair during the tune-up, such as a refrigerant leak or a wonky compressor. These repairs are separate from the tune-up itself, so you’ll need to pay extra for them. You might even need to schedule a separate appointment depending on the parts or expertise needed.

Seasonal surge: 

Since most folks get their AC tuned up in the spring or early summer to beat the heat, the AC unit maintenance cost can go up during those peak times. If you’re flexible, scheduling your tune-up outside the busy season can save you some bucks.

These factors play a major role in the average cost of air conditioning maintenance. So, keep these in mind to avoid paying much on your next tune-up trip!

How To Save on an Air Conditioner Tune-Up

Make those savings last! There are a number of tricks that you can use to make the most out of your AC maintenance:

  • DIY Some Prep: Do-it-yourself tasks like changing your air filters can take some cost off your final bill. DIY tasks like changing your filters can reduce some costs from your final bill.
  • Think Long Term: Annual AC unit maintenance cost contracts are normally less expensive than one-time tune-up costs.
  • Shop Around: Get quotations from as many companies as possible, compare the prices, and choose what you can afford.
  • Be Early: Try to plan your checkup for the spring or the fall, since those are less busy, which means the rates may also be lower!
  • Two Birds One Stone: If both heating and cooling systems require repair then ask for a bundle discount to fix them together in one visit. This is a time-saving and a money-saving trick!
  • Warranty check: Check if your home warranty covers discounts for your AC unit maintenance cost – it may be a secret benefit!

DIY AC Tune-Up vs. Hiring a Professional

There are a few minor adjustments that you can still do on your own like changing the air filter or fixing a blown fuse. This can cost you a lot less than hiring a professional. However, if you are dealing with a complicated task such as refilling refrigerant or inspecting electrical wiring, consulting a pro is inevitable.

24SevenAC knows the struggle homeowners face to afford AC maintenance costs. That’s why we offer comprehensive services and a competitive AC unit maintenance cost for a stress-free experience. Contact us now and tune up your AC for cheap!

AC Unit Maintenance Cost

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How Long Does AC Maintenance Take?

Most AC maintenance appointments take around 1-2 hours. This can vary depending on your system, but it usually involves cleaning and checking components to keep things running smoothly.

How To Maintenance AC Compressor?

An AC compressor is a delicate part of the AC unit which is best left to professionals. They have the tools and expertise to handle these parts safely and effectively.

How To Do Home AC Maintenance?

You can manage some simple tasks on your own such as cleaning your air filters or replacing them. However, for a deep cleaning process and inspection, consult a professional technician.

What Does Ac Maintenance Include?

Professionals will clean the coils, test the refrigerant, inspect the wiring, and various other functionalities to ensure that all is well. They will also detect any looming challenges before they lead to disasters.

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